R.I.P. is an EP by British singer Rita Ora.It features 4 remixes of Rita's second hit single "R.I.P.".It was released on May 6,2012 in the UK on iTunes[1].

Tracklist[2] Edit

  1. "R.I.P." (featuring Tinie Tempah) - 3:49
  2. "R.I.P." (Gregor Salto Remix) - 6:24
  3. "R.I.P." (Seamus Haji Remix) - 7:10
  4. "R.I.P." (Delta Heavy Dubstep Remix) - 4:16

References Edit

  1. iTunes - Music - R.I.P. (feat. Tinie Tempah) - EP by Rita Ora 
  2. R.I.P (featuring Tinie Tempah) | The Official Rita Ora Site 

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